Speidel 1970, inscription, Philippi, Macedonia, 106 CE:

Tiberius Claudius Maximus, veteran, undertook the construction of this monument while he was still alive. He served as a cavalryman in Legion VII Claudia Loyal and Faithful, was appointed treasurer of the cavalry guard of the commander of the same legion, standard-bearer of the cavalry, and in the Dacian war was awarded military decorations for bravery by Emperor Domitian. He was promoted to 'double pay' soldier (duplicarius) in the second ala of Pannonians by the divine Trajan, by whom he was also appointed to the position of scout in the Dacian war, and twice awarded military decorations for bravery in the Dacian and Parthian wars, and was promoted decurion in the same cavalry ala by the same emperor because he had captured Decebalus and brought his head back to him at Ranisstorum. After voluntarily serving beyond his time, he was honorably discharged by Terentius Scaurianus, commander with consular rank of the army in the new (?) province of [Mesopotamia(?)]...

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