Inscriptiones Latinae Selectae 7542
(Maglianum, Sabine territory, Italy)
To the spirits of the dead. The man whose name is spelled out by the first letter of each line built this while he was alive for himself and all his family, his freedmen and freedwomen, and all their descendants.
  • Liberated for anxieties I will be -note this reader - I, who was
  • Notable in the holy city for the sale of goatskins. I
  • Exhibited goods that were suitable for the people's use, I, whose
  • Rare honesty was praised everywhere and always. My life was
  • Very fortunate: I built myself a marble home, I was
  • Steadfast in my actions, as a dealer I always paid my taxes, and was honest
  • In all my business arrangements. I was as
  • Upright in my dealings as I could be, and often helped those who asked, I always
  • Showed respect to others and was always courteous to my friends.
  • Still greater is the
  • Measure of glory here, and more useful to all as well, that
  • I arranged such protection for my limbs
That I acted not thinking only about myself alone, but also thought about my
Heirs. Whoever lies in his own property,
Retains everything with him. This tale will be told about me: I lived as an
Example of honour while life remained, and from my
Solicitude for many, I also created a refuge for many.

L. Nerusius Mithres.

Trans: T. Parkin and A. Pomeroy, Roman Social History: A Sourcebook. (Routledge, 2007).