111 ILS 1066 = Smallwood NH 194, inscription, Minturnae (Minturno), 2nd cent. CE.

To Lucius Burbuleius Optatus Ligarianus, son of Lucius, of the tribe Quirina, consul, member of the Augustan Brotherhood, legate of Emperor Antoninus Augustus Pius with propraetorian power of the province of Syria, where he died in office, legate of the same Emperor and the divine Hadrian with propraetorian power of the province of Cappadocia, superintendent of the public works and areas, prefect of the public treasury, proconsul of Sicily, logista of Syria, Legate of Legion XVI Flavia Steadfast, superintendent of the community of Narbonensis, similarly of Ancona, similarly of Tarracina, superintendent of the Clodian, Cassian, and Ciminian roads, praetor, plebeian aedile, quaestor of Pontus and Bithynia, tribune with the broad stripe of Legion IX Hispana, member of the Board of Three for executions, patron of the colony; Rasinia Pietas, nurse of his daughters, set this up at her own expense. The site was granted by decree of the town councillors.

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